"I had a colonic, rectovaginal, and ovarian endometriosis, adenomyosis, fallopian adhesion, together with ileocolostomy and 2 times of laparotomy.
My body survived them all.
Now it's my soul's turn to survive also.
Though what's ahead remains unknown
I'd like to keep a hope alive..."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In The Search For Endocrinologist

Finding a good endocrinologist was not an easy task. Thanks to a digestive surgeon to whom I went in order to have ileocolostomy closure advice, I then found this doc.

I'm pretty pleased with him. I mean, after a series of horrible residents (yeah, on the second thought... why did I even ever bother to go see residents for such illness? hurt me a lot how they treated me) and one gynecologist - who failed to recognize my endo - dr. A quickly discovered my rectovaginal endo and decided a treatment.

I should have scheduled a meeting with him, yet he's too busy for a doc and to make it harder, he now seems to rarely come to the clinic I used to go to - Yasmin. The closest schedule in Yasmin will be this Saturday, which sounds not very promising. The closest to another clinic - Hermina - will be tomorrow.

So now, I'm so confused of what to do next. Should I stick with him, thus go to another clinic... which I suspect a little more expensive than the previous one...? Or, should I just go to Yasmin, and switch doctor?

I need a continuity. And on the top of it, I need to trust a doc. So sticking with my endocrinologist is my first option. But, if he's so hard to go see, maybe I should consider another...



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