"I had a colonic, rectovaginal, and ovarian endometriosis, adenomyosis, fallopian adhesion, together with ileocolostomy and 2 times of laparotomy.
My body survived them all.
Now it's my soul's turn to survive also.
Though what's ahead remains unknown
I'd like to keep a hope alive..."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Not always blue sky after all...

Although I've decided to tell my story, when I had to write Chapter 6, I have to admit I was haunted by that traumatic part. It wasn't the surgeries, nor the pain... but the ileocolostomy thing which had given me the most horrible memory. When it came to that, I got stuck. I never finished writing it, just yet. I'll get through it and continue writing, but I'd like to take my time.

I'd like to make peace with that part of this journey first.

Well, I guess no matter how optimistic you are, there's always a down time. Guess I'm having it right now. Not always a blue sky, but the clouds will chill the anger and the rain will wash away the fear... (^_~)


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